The Christmas Story (Biblical Times Dinner Theater) Review

The Christmas Story (Biblical Times Dinner Theater) Review From November 1, 2014 to January 3, 2015 the Biblical Times Dinner Theater in Pigeon Forge, TN presents a special production of The Christmas Story. This Christmas story is told by the eye of Simeon. They are showing this at 6 p.m. They are still also showing Moses Mountain of God. (See My Review). Each production offers the same cast, but a different meal.

The Christmas Story (Biblical Times Dinner Theater) Review

Biblical Times Dinner Theater - The Christmas Story Flyer
Biblical Times Dinner Theater – The Christmas Story Flyer

First Half

The first half of the production has the cast singing their favorite Christmas songs and also sharing with everyone about their favorite family Christmas memories. A way for you to get to know the cast and make it more personal as well. I believe the cast do a great job as they sing their favorite Christmas songs. They even have powerful voices! This makes you feel like you are a part of their family.

While they are singing the Ukrainian wait staff prepares you to have your meal. First they give you the trays, then the drinks, then the salad and then the meal. Then best of all the desert. The wait staff seems very friendly. They are very fast too! They also do a great job. Make sure you tip the wait staff generously.

There was a special appearance with Paula Michelle. You may know her from the old Diet Pepsi commercials, “You Got Right Stuff Baby!”. She even toured with the late Ray Charles and many more all around the world, now residing in Knoxville, TN. She is a professional singer and she also packs a powerful voice. I got to meet with Paula Michelle and talk to her after the show. I told her I can remember her name because it is the same as my mom. She said does your mom like her name? I told her I am not sure why, She said she didn’t like hers. She likes her middle name, Michelle. That is why she goes by Paula Michelle. My daughters middle name is Michelle. I have always loved the name Michelle.

The Food

The Christmas Story has a different menu for this production, it is a Christmas Feast of Biblical Proportions. I say they give you a lot of food too in this Christmas production meal. The restaurant next door, Wood Grill, prepares the food that you eat. According to their printed flyer this meal includes …

  • Wood Smoked & Wood Grilled Prime Rib
  • Baked Potato with Trimmings
  • Wood Grilled Chicken Fillet
  • Steamed Vegetables Medley
  • Wood Smoked Pulled Pork
  • Crispy Tossed Salad
  • Large Buttered Yeast Roll
  • Strawberry Short Cake
  • Unlimited Tea & Lemonade

I will say I was disappointed with the chicken, the reason is they put a honey mustard on top of the chicken. Not liking mustard at all. They should have the honey mustard on the side and not on the top of the chicken. Maybe even offer two choices, barbecue sauce or honey mustard to go with the Wood Grilled Chicken Fillet. But others I heard talking said the chicken was good.

Now the Prime Rib and the Pulled Pork was very good. I enjoyed those very much.

More on the menu

The menu said it included a baked potato, but what I got was like a mashed potato with skins. The potatoes were too bad either. I know the couple that sat in the row in front of me were upset that they didn’t have the baked potato. But, I did tell them, I am sure they have a right to substitute for a like feature.

The roll was good too. It wasn’t too buttery, but it was still good. I enjoyed my salad as well and I even asked for a second ranch for my salad. Liking a little bit of salad with my ranch dressing. I didn’t eat the Steamed Vegetables, I am a picky eater! Very picky you can say. It had broccoli in it and I do not like broccoli either.
The desert was really good, it was a strawberry shortcake. I enjoyed it too. Plus, I do like their sweet tea.

Honestly, I enjoyed the menu items from the Moses Mountain of God production much better. But The Christmas Story would be much better in my opinion if the honey mustard wasn’t on the chicken. But I do know that a lot of people like honey mustard.

The Second Half

Dinner is now over, they have a short intermission and then they begin the Christmas Story. They use holographic technology, which at times, was hard to tell what was holographic and what was real, to help tell this story from the eyes of Simeon. They use Bible references as they tell the story and the cast will also sing songs using cast with powerful voices.
I personally believe they done a great job portraying the birth of Jesus. They share with you the Wise Men and even the shepherds. Then you have Mary and Joseph too. Simeon was there sharing his experience as well. There was even the Inn Keeper, angels, a donkey, other animals and much more.

The cast have to change quickly so they are ready for the next scene. I think it would be neat to experience the backstage experience to know what goes on backstage. Knowing it is very hectic in the back to make sure they look the part they need as they run to the stage to perform the next scene. Someone told me, you really don’t want to know!


I highly recommend, if you can and they are not sold out that you upgrade to the new deluxe theater rocking chairs. They are 5” wider than the standard seats. I got to sit in those when I saw Moses Mountain of God. This time seeing this production, they were sold out in the VIP seating. So I sat in the regular seating. I will say I would rather sit in the VIP seat. It is only $5 at the time of this blog post to upgrade. I highly recommend it. Jeff, at the Biblical Times Dinner Theater, said he hopes in the future to have more VIP seating, if not one day to have the whole theater outfitted with those seating.

Combo Package During Christmas

During this special Christmas Season you can get a special combo price to watch and enjoy both productions. Check with the Biblical Times Dinner Theater for the current special. Also I am excited to see the new production that will come in 2015. The Days of Elijah, Blood Moons Rising. I saw that and Jeff, told me we will be back in touch when that comes out. I shared with him about this group of military singing the song “Days of Elijah”. You can also check out my blog post on the Blood Moons too.

After the show

After the show, you can meet up with the cast and shake their hands and talk to them briefly as you leave. As I stated above, I got to talk to Paula Michelle for a bit.

More information at or call 865-908-3327. The Biblical Times Dinner Theater is located at 2391 Parkway, Traffic Light #2 in Pigeon Forge, TN.

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I was given 2 regular admission tickets for this review. This is a non-biased review. This is my personal opinion and may not reflect what the theater says. It may also not reflect what others think too. This is just my non-biased review.

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