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Brookside Resort (Gatlinburg) Review

Brookside Resort (Gatlinburg) Review – A review a hotel to stay in Gatlinburg, TN called Brookside Resort. #BrooksideResort #Gatlinburg

Brookside Resort (Gatlinburg) Review

I used to book this hotel. So this weeks Travel Thursday takes us to Gatlinburg, TN to Brookside Resort. This review was based on my trip from March of 2018. (It was our mini-honey moon).

Brookside Resort (Gatlinburg) Review

Brookside Resort | Photo: Web

The Creek

We were near a creek and you could hear the creek. The sound of the creek was very soothing. We were on a upper floor and made it nice to see the creek. I would say that water is cold, but hey we were there in early March, winter time. We had a back deck to sit and watch the creek, but it was still winter and cold, but we still went out some to listen to the water run.

Brookside Resort The Creek

The Bathroom

The bathroom and front door area was cold, because it was further from the fireplace. Plus where the heat source was. The rooms needs better at heat distribution to the bathroom which is near the front door. The bathroom sink was cool.

Brookside Resort Bathroom Sink


It even had a fireplace in it. They give you a small thing of wood. You will want to bring your own wood. They fireplace was nice, but that small one bundle of firewood doesn’t last long at all. You will want to bring you some firewood, as they give you a small amount.Brookside Resort Fireplace

The Room

The room was very spacious. I mean spacious. We had plenty of room inside this room. I liked how we had so much room. It seemed almost too spacious at times. There was a nice little nook area for snacking or eating. They hotel says they have 100 rooms. I am not sure if they all look like this room or not, because I didn’t get to see all 100 rooms. There were a few cob webs in the room though.

Brookside Resort Bedroom

Old Style Door Lock

The door lock had an old style do not disturb on it. I thought that was neat.

  • Off
  • Maid Request
  • Do Not Disturb

Brookside Resort Old Style Door Lock


The breakfast was not too bad.


Overall it was a very nice hotel.  I would be back to this resort.

More info

I paid for the hotel room myself using app. I wasn’t given anything for this review. I did it on my own.

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