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Here is another play on words for the word activity, but saying cat-tivity. No, I didn’t say captivity, but activity. As in what you like to do.

I love String Game, Light Game and much more. I will have to blog about the Light Game I play at night. Make sure to follow this blog, so you can learn about that game.

How about you hoomans? Do you like in cat board games?

I hope you like these play on words I have been using on 2 Cats and a Blog. I hope to share more in the future. You don’t want to miss those ones either because these play on words are …..


Just like Tony the Tiger says right!

Photo by Pixabay on

These little kittens seem to love a mouse on a string. I like playing with my Meep too. It is a toy mouse.

So tell me about your favorite cat-tivity.

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