Abortion is only permitted by the silence of the church

Abortion is only permitted by the silence of the church – Eddie DeHart of 911Babies.com here. Sick and tired of people being not willing to take the blame for abortion especially church leaders. Silence is the language of apathy! Is anyone to blame that millions of infants each year, for example, are killed before they can gasp their first breath of fresh air?

Abortion is only permitted by the silence of the church

Abortion is only permitted by the silence of the church #911Babies #Abortion

I hear it almost daily, abortion is a political issue not a church issue. Denial, denial and denial ugh really, can I pray for God to smack you up your head? Oops sorry yeah I’m already guilty of that prayer, see that is how easy it is to take responsibility for your actions or inactions! “Eddie you know abortion is the media’s, politician’s, public schools, atheists, medical community fault don’t you, Eddie. Eddie are you listening to me? Are you?” “Hmmm who’s fault? (insert scarcism, and roll eyes, subconsciously shakes head and prays)

No, the blame doesn’t rest with the politicians, ethicists, media moguls, abortion specialists, scientists or our legislators. The blame rests on our churchmen, pastors and preachers who by large have become complicit by their silence. This is my holy discontent, this fuels a table tossing righteous anger. Ancient biblical words echoing in my head, “Cry aloud, spare not, lift up your voice like a trumpet and show my people their sins,” God urged a prophet to proclaim to an ancient people not unlike ourselves stop this now!

Where are the pastors and preachers and leaders that might hold righteous revival in our great country? Are there any brave men and women left who might shape our moral conscience for the better by giving voice to a Godly perspective? Are there only a few leaders who speak just the truth (and not spin, alias lies) nowadays? I dare you to pray, “Lord break my heart for what breaks Yours.”

When you truly mean it be prepared, for He will do exactly that and more. Oh I forget to finish that prayer, Amen! Amen is the acronym for A-abortion M-must E-end N-now so you see He has already prepared to honor that prayer.


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