With Love

Can I say.. I loves my Ms Heather. She is no a purrfect hooman… but she is very good to me and tries to be good to other hooman’s.

With Love

But she no seems to speaks cat. Maybe she had too many years around this Mr Carson I hears about. (Her flop earred canine friend yrs prior to me).

So I can imagines that my Ms Heather may no be the only hooman who no understands the love language of us felines. So, I gots on the internet and finds this:

14 ways cats show love: https://cameow.com/blogs/cat/14-ways-cats-show-love

As for me, I meows at my Ms Heather mostly to get her attention. That no always works, as my Ms Heather is hearing impaired. I am learning to be louder with her. Mostly, I is a cuddled. Yes, I is a proud boy cat who enjoys cuddling my hooman. I lays in her lap, presenting my tummy for rubbing. Other times I curl up in her lap and gets petted. Other times, I just curls up next to her to comfort her.

It is part of my job to comfort her, no? She is just a hooman. And I gets feeling that maybe other hoomans have hurt her. Hiss!

My favorite way to show my Ms Heather I loves her is to curl up near her head when she goes to bed. She talks to GOD before she godd to bed, and then it’s my cue to curl up near her head. I kneed my paws through her hair as she drifts into slumber. I wonder what does my hooman dream of? Does she dream of me and her beau Steve? Or does she dream of tilapia, like me?

I must goes. Ms Heather will be wanting her tablet back.

About the Author

Author: Joel the Brave

Prr. I am a boy black cat that lives in Tennessee with my hoomans, Ms. Heather and Mr. Steve. I have a sissy cat, Lillybug. I hope to be a firefighter when I grow big. I am part of 2 Cats and a Blog that now blogs on Courageous Christian Father.

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  1. Joel the brave young man I’m sure Ms Heather loves you too. I know my limit loves me. I’m a bit older than you though Joel I’m bout to your mommy age. My Hooman also talks to God too. One day you’ll and I will get to meet. I’ll try to be good to you.

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