Why was rice thrown at a wedding?

Why was rice thrown at a wedding? – Rice use to be thrown at a wedding after the man and the woman got married. But, why rice? Wait! Isn’t rice bad for birds? #Rice

Why was rice thrown at a wedding?

Why was rice thrown at a wedding? - Rice use to be thrown at a wedding after the man and the woman got married. But, why rice? Wait! Isn't rice bad for birds? #Rice
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Brides.com shares that rice toss is a symbolic wish to the just-married couple for a life of prosperity and fruitfulness, which to the ancients meant many children. As a blessing, guests shower the couple with rice as they exit the ceremony.

In history, rice, grains and seeds were often used to toss on the newly married couples. Celtics did it to appease spirits and ask for blessing and fertility for the couple.

Food.NDTV.com shares that Hindu Weddings toss rice too, as a symbol of prosperity. Where they continue to explain that part of the tradition is from where the bride leaves her family, where she was fed, to her husband, who will now feed her.

Some people do it because it was what they always remember doing! Just a tradition.

Many people do not use rice because they have always heard that rice is bad for birds and hurts them by blowing up their tummies. But is this true or false?

Rice Bad for Birds?

You have always heard that uncooked rice, that which was thrown at weddings will hurt a bird. Often, you hear it will expand and blow up their bellies. I also looked in this!

MyRecipes.com stated this urban myth can be traced back at least 30 years, to when former Connecticut State Rep. Mae S. Schmidle introduced a bill that would ban rice-throwing at weddings. And continues to read Bird experts, however, told the Associated Press that the bill was inherently silly. There was no evidence then, or now, that uncooked rice is harmful to birds. Still, the myth lived on.

Even Snopes.com says this claim is false. They also stated many places won’t allow rice or bird seed at churches, do to fall hazard that the hard items can pose.

Jacksonville.com states Ornithologists write that rice is perfectly safe for birds to eat.

Other items used on the couples

Brides.com shared that Ancient Romans used wheat. Italians toss candies or sugared nuts. The Polish use rice but also place coins at the couple’s feet to ensure prosperity. In Morocco, it’s dried dates or figs and Eastern India’s tradition is a rain of flower petals.

Confetti and bubbles are also other alternatives to rice and bird seed.


It is okay to use rice at your wedding! If you are still concerned, TheKnot.com suggest to opt for a special kind of eco-friendly wedding rice that dissolves in water and breaks apart when stepped on. Or you can elect to alternatives means of what is tossed at the newlywed couple.

Speaking of rice! Did you know that you can make a heating made with rice?

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