Homemade heating/cooling rice pack

Do you want to save some money? Do you like making crafts or making things? This might be for you. Homemade Heating & Cooling Rice pack. You use the rice to heat or cool inside a sock to help sooth pain. Some people prefer heating method, while others cooling. So this way you can use the rice pack either way. I have also heard it called a rice sock.

Basic items needed:

  • Old clean sock or a brand new sock
  • Dry rice (do not use minute or quick cook rice)
  • Thread
  • Sewing needle or sewing machine

In lieu of thread and a needle or sewing machine you can use the tube socks and tie a knot at the end.

Homemade Heating/Cooling Rice Pack
Homemade Heating/Cooling Rice Pack

The above picture was the rice pack that Sarah made for me and my family.

Heating method:

Microwave 1-3 minute for heating pack (Suggested to add a cup of water on the side, do not put the sock with rice in the water). Do not over heat!

Cooling method:

Freeze for 45 minutes for a cooling pack


  • After you are done, shake the pack to help distribute the heat or the cooling.
  • Now you can apply!

Sarah stated that her rice pack stays hot for long periods of time. Sarah also stated it helps with her sinus migraines and her pain from her Fibromyalgia. Thank you Sarah for telling me about this great idea. I bet it could help with your Multiple sclerosis (MS) systems or any other type of pain you may experience from medical conditions to over stressing your body. Of course I am not a doctor or anything. But maybe this can ease the discomfort. I guess this rice pack just servers as a Therapeutic equipment. Something to mask, help aid in your discomfort that you may experience. Do you have one of these? Care to share in the comments your experience using a rice pack?

Tested heating method

I went and tested out the one that Sarah made for me. I microwaved it for one and a half minutes, course the one that said maybe has like 5 pouches. Feeling it remind me of those Hot Hands. Actually feels pretty good. Now I can see this getting really hot if you microwaved it for longer. But I’m also sure if you microwave it for longer it could burn it are catch it on fire.

Getting scientific

What is the science to the rice retaining its heat or coolness value? I am not totally sure. I tried to research it and kept finding other people who had DYI Rice Packs. If you know, please feel free to share in the comments. Also include your source for it. I would appreciate that.

Jesus is like this rice pack

Jesus is just like this rice pack. He can either cool us down or heat us up to sooth the pain or discomfort that we may have. We are to go to Him in times of trouble and even times of joy. After all He is the true physician. He is truly the only one that can heal us. Have you sought after Him today?


1. I heard flax seed can be used, but takes longer to heat up. Flax seed is smoother and stays warmer than rice. Downside is flax seed is more expensive.
2. I seen you can use scented oils, tea bags or even chest rub to aid in relaxation and allow for scented rice pack.
3. Do not use metal, twist ties, etc.
4. Use at your own risk. This product can be hot and burn yourself. Even frozen stuff can burn your skin too. Please use common scene when using these!
5. Do not allow your kids to play with a hot or cold rice pack. Your kids can help you make these, but these are not toys.
6. Find out more tips and warnings at: wikihow.com/Make-a-Rice-Sock
7. Check out this blog post for making a similar product, Homemade ice packs using sponges

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