What Does the Devil Look Like?

What does the devil look like? –  Is is the red guy with a tail and horns or is it something more appealing that looks great to eyes?

I would have to say in my opinion the devil would have to be the most handsome or the most beautiful thing you ever seen. I do not think the devil is the guy in a red suit that has a horn and tail and carries a pitch fork. Or even an evil-looking creature.

What Does the Devil look like?

After all sin looks good to us, it’s enticing, it is very tempting. So devil must look very good to make things look better than what they are. This is to trick you and to throw you off your game.


What does the devil look like?

As we all know sin, always looks good. It is very beautiful to our eye or even our flesh. An eye appeal you can say, which causes an attraction. We usually won’t be lured into it if it don’t look good right? Once we partake we get burned!

So another factor I think the devil would have to be handsome or beautiful. A saying comes to mind when I think of this, you ever hear the saying The Devil Wears Prada. I always believe that means that something looks and acts beautiful and good. However, think it is beautiful, enticing, but it isn’t any good.

The beauty the devil lures us with is deceiving us and luring us with lust. A lust for things and desires that go Against God. He may say it will be okay, it won’t matter, but the devil is the father of lies after all, the devil is enticing and looks good that we see that beauty and say oh he can’t lie. But he is the father of lies!

He even lured Eve in the Garden of Eden with a beautiful fruit and he lied to her. Just think if Satan didn’t look attractive do you think he could lure us into stuff?

What do you think?
First published January 16, 2014. Republished January 10, 2019.

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