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Check out what this church sign says about the fruits of sin and being in the devils orchard. #churchsigns

I have been seeing this church sign for some time now at the George Street United Methodist Church in Jefferson City, TN. I got my daughter to get a picture as we passed by on September 21, 2015.

George Street United Methodist Church - Church Sign - If You Don't Want The Fruits of Sin, Stay OUt of the Devils Orchard!
George Street United Methodist Church – Church Sign – If You Don’t Want The Fruits of Sin, Stay Out of the Devils Orchard!
Jesus said in John 15:1-7, He is the vine. When we are His we will be attached to Him, attached as the part of the vine. We will bare fruit. What kind of fruit? The Fruit of the Spirit.

If we are not attached to the vine of Jesus we won’t produce godly fruit. We will produce sin. Anything that goes against the will of God is sin! That is fruits of sin. When we produce sin we are saving we are attached the vine the devil controls.

When we produce Fruit of the Spirit we show that we are attached to the godly vine of Jesus Christ.

So … Produce the godly fruit and strive to sinless and not live in open sin … so you can

Stay Out of the Devils Orchard!

Click here to learn more about the Fruit of the Spirit.


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