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Turning Down The Music When Lost

Turning down the music when lost – You ever notice when we get lost or turn around, we tend to turn down the music as if the lack of noise helps us see better or consecrate better?

Turning Down The Music When Lost

What is more ironic is when we get lost or turned around from God, instead we turn up the music or noise around us. We tend to turn it up to try to tune God out. But, truthfully we cannot tune God out totally. He will work on us and chastise us if we are His child. When we feel lost or astray from God, we need to turn down the music (or noise) and concentrate on Him.

Turning Down the Music When Lost

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When I say music, I mean noise. Noise can be anything. It doesn’t have to be a sound, often noise comes in many mores. This noise often we put before God or in place of God. We would rather do or hear this noise than hear from God. When we are astray, tuning out this noise can help us focus on God and get back in to His Word, His Fellowship and even our prayer life.

When we are lost on a road trip we turn down the noise but when we are lost from God we turn it up.

Did you know sometimes this noise can come in the form of a person, this person could give you unbiblical insight too. Remember this rule of thumb, if a person brings you away from God that is not good. If a person brings you closer to God that is a true friend! Just saying!

Our priorities show and what we put before God becomes an idol and often a noise. Noises are distractions.

So when you feel you are lost, do what we do when we are in our cars, turn down the music. The Worlds Noise will do anything it can to prevent you from hearing from God. When we turn down or tune out the Worlds Noise, we can then start to focus on God. It won’t be easy. The devil will try to bring noise back into your life.

I even read somewhere quietness encourages conversations. So turning down the music (or noise) can help bring us to a point of conversation aka prayer with God. Sometimes we just need to listen and not speak. We often are too quick to talk and give an answer. We must take time and reflect on what God has for us.

Quietness encourages conversations.

29 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches. Revelation 2:29 KJV

God has a message for us, His Church … That message is found in His Word the Holy Bible.

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