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Do you own a business or a church and have a variety of tracts available for people to get as they either come to your church or business? Then, this might be the something to inquire about. A “Tract Rack”. I saw this idea from Bezeugen’s Blog. Bezeugen is my favorite type of tracts.

This would be a great way to organize the tracts you have and also display them for anyone to get them. Plus, someone may end up grabbing a tract or more and need it for themselves or even someone else.

screen shot of tract rack from google
screen shot of tract rack from google

You may be able to use publication racks, but find what will work with your church or business. You might be able to have one if you put tables up at places, maybe yard sales, flea markets, events, fairs, etc. This would be another great place to have a “Tract Rack”. If I owned my own business I would invest in one of these.

I tried to use one of these bins that I have that you can find in the hardware section of a retail store. The drawers were not big enough for some of the tracts, like the Fellowship Tract League tracts. Now my Bezeugen tracts would fit in them great, but most of my tracts are bigger.

I have a rubbermaid type container and put all my tracts together. I keep duplicate ones bounded together. That way they are ready to be used. Then, I have a small rubbermaid type box, with a several of reach inside it that stays in my car.

Do you use a tract rack? If so how well does it do? Tell me about your experiences using tract racks. How do you store your gospel tracts?


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