Moses at the Red Sea
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God calls the willing not the able

God calls the willing not the able. Your qualifications don’t matter. Elegant Speech, Grammar or even Spelling. God will use those who are willing to serve, not those who are able to serve.

Moses, Stop It!
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Moses Stop It! Comic (Fishing and Parting Waters)

A Christian Humor, Christian Comic about Moses and perhaps Aaron fishing. The water is split where the other person is fishing so he cannot catch fish.

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Days of Elijah Military Style

Check out this music video of these American Soldiers as they praise and worship God in unity to the song “Days of Elijah”

Parted Waters - I think this is what it would like if it occurred today.
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The Parted Waters

The Parted Waters: How many times do you think God parted waters in the Bible? 1 Time? 2 Times? You might be surprised, visit this blog post to find out the answer.

Moses water blood
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Sea Turned into Blood

Sea turned to blood, find out about a Sea that turned to blood. One of the various plagues where because Pharaoh wouldn’t let the people go.

Cows: Cow Appreciation Day 2014
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Father, Daughter dressed like Cows

My daughter and I dress up like cows for Cow Appreciation Day. We visit Chick-fil-A and get our free meal! I even share our picture. #CowAppreciationDay

Bliblical Times Dinner Theater - Builiding
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Biblical Times Dinner Theater Review

I do a review of Biblical Times Dinner in Pigeon Forge. Is the show good? How’s the food? I share my thoughts on this attraction. #Bible #PigeonForge #Dinner

Do we stand out amongst others? - Trendy BlueFishTV
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Do we stand out amongst others?

Are we of the world or are we set apart? Can others see Jesus in us? Do We stand out to them? I share the bluefish TV video for Trendy in this blog post and use it to how world should see Christ in us.