Purple Penny Project
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Purple Penny Project

Purple Penny Project – The Purple Penny Project is a cry on behalf of the unborn children. A cry for you to see value in what others proclaim as worthless, life! This is part of 911 Babies and Life Village. #PurplePennyProject #911Babies #Abortion #LifeVillage

Pro-Life - If you aren't Pro-Life, then you are Pro-Death! - Eddie DeHart - 911Babies.com
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Pro-life means ALL life has dignity, including those on death-row or those wanting to be euthanized. You don’t get to pick and choose. #ProLife #911Babies

911 Babies make some noise #911Babies #Abortion
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911 Babies

911 Babies – a website that is taking a stand against abortion and allowing women to know they have a choice. #911Babies #Abortion #Babies #ProLife

Abortion demonic industry (911 Babies)
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Ripping the Veil of Deception off Abortion

Ripping the veil of deception off Abortion will reveal it’s true purpose. Abortion is a demonic act that is an abomination before God and it is bringing judgment upon us as a people and nation. #911Babies #Abortion