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Student Dresses up like Jesus for Throwback Day at High School

Student Dresses up like Jesus for Throwback Day at High School. Normally on spirit week, schools allow students and teachers to dress up. Each day of the week they have a theme that will lead up to Homecoming for the school. It is all part of Spirit Week.

Student Dresses up like Jesus for Throwback Day at High School

So Sasha Paige, a Senior of Jefferson County High School took to it and dressed up like Jesus! She dressed up for Throwback Thursday on September 29, 2016.

Usually students dress up as crazy and unusual things for these Spirit weeks. I don’t recall ever hearing about a Student Dresses up like Jesus before. Not so with Sasha. She wanted to make a statement and be a witness. This also got her to show off her talent, which I would have to say is also a gift, because she used it for the glory of God.

Sasha Paige dressed up like Jesus | Student Dresses up like Jesus | Photo credit Sasha Paige

Sasha Paige dressed up like Jesus | Photo credit Sasha Paige

How many students would have been as bold as to dress up as Jesus? I don’t think many would! It takes being bold for Christ to pull something off like this I believe. Especially in an age where percussion is growing fast. Like taking prayer and Bibles out of schools. I say way to go Sasha! Stay bold for Christ!

At the time I am writing this blog post, she has had over 65 likes too. I asked permission to use her story and she allowed me to share her story. These photos used are from Sasha Paige’s Facebook post.

Below is what Sasha stated on her Facebook status …

All I heard today: “Oh look it’s Jesus” “Wow it’s Jesus!” “It looks so real!” “She did a great job!” I kept hearing Jesus all day which absolutely made me smile from ear to ear. Yearbook staff visited me several several times throughout the day and plus some of my friends and random people at school today wanted a picture with me! I did this for a Throwback and I did not want to disrespect Christ in anyway. I’m real proud of the talent God gave me to pull this off! One thing that got me was one of the yearbook staff came to me in 4th lunch and wanted my picture and I posed and afterwards I asked how did you know about me dressing as Jesus and word for word she said, “Because the WHOLE school talked about you and all I heard them say was ‘That person as Jesus really brighten my day!” That made me happy knowing that one person,me, was in everyone’s name SAYING Jesus. I used this not only to “Throwback” but to witness! I’ve had a very blessed day!

Sasha Paige dressed up like Jesus (Close Up) | Student Dresses up like Jesus | Photo credit Sasha Paige

Sasha Paige dressed up like Jesus (Close Up) | Photo credit Sasha Paige

What others have said too

I hope and pray that more students can be bold like this! I am not alone in that either. Check out what others are commenting as I am writing up this article.

Sasha Paige Facebook Status Screenshot | Student Dresses up like Jesus for Throwback Day at High School

Sasha Paige Facebook Status Screenshot

Angela Snyder Lowery What a witness Sasha.

Amanda Lynne Dennis Makes my heart smile that there are still some that praise Him in his glory even at school with everything going on in this world. I’m sure he’d be proud of you as I am. God bless you. This has to be the best one I’ve seen…ever.

Nola Simpson To God be all the Glory! He has definitely given you a gift Sasha. Keep using that gift for His Glory!!!! ✝️ Jesus is smiling down on you!

Jaime Andrews Mccluggage So proud you are not ashamed. (This is her mother, I would like to mention.)

I am sure the comments are still pouring in on her status too.


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  1. Alberta Gann Alberta Gann says:

    Congratulations for doing what you believe in. You did a great job. If more stood up for Jesus it would be a better world.

    1. I glad this student did that. I pray more can be as bold. Thanks for the comment.

  2. So proud of you young lady! This is an awesome way to witness to so many.

    1. I agree. We need more bold young people today.

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