SDG (Soli Deo Gloria) by God’s Servant feat S.O.

SDG (Soli Deo Gloria) by God’s Servant feat S.O. Soli Deo Gloria (Glory to God alone) He’s glorious!

SDG (Soli Deo Gloria) by God’s Servant feat S.O.

About God’s Servant

God’s Servant is a Christian Rapper from Philadelphia, PA.His real name is Brian Davis.

About S.O.

S.O. or known as Seun Otukpe, is a Nigerian Christian hip hop musician. He is from Nigeria. His real name is Oluwaseun Oluwatosin Otukpe.


I said it, He’s high, He’s lifted, He’s fly, He’s different, He’s why we’re living, He’s all powerful and omniscient.
We’re dead we’re sloppy but He’s supreme and He’s lofty but humbled Himself where covenant wealth was dealt.
I’m glad that He bought me.
How dare I compare my or try to share in His fame.
His own one, He swears by cuz’ nothing’s high as His name.
We humans, we’re ruined.
We’re stupid thinking we rule it.
It’s foolish cuz’ us and the spot on top is NOT congruent.
He sola is worthy of praise for He alone is holy.
Majestic perfection creation tells of His glory.
What’s more we gotta bow down (bow down!) and worship Him only.
From Him to Him through Him for Him.
All things made, they were made to adore Him.
His mercy, displayed on the cross where Jesus hung.
Where God the Father beat the Son  is actually the greatest deed that’s done.
Redeeming love that would pay for sins but that would also bring His sons and daughters back to the Father captured and awe .
Oh God may Your kingdom come!

Soli Deo Gloria. He’s glorious! [repeat  8x]

Need words for verse 2.

Soli Deo Gloria. He’s glorious! [repeat  8x]

His glory’s shown in all of the things He’s made.
Uniquely by the priesthood made up of those He’s cleaned and saved.
Come you people redeemed from evil, you ransomed bring Him praise.
Let your actions and your speakers sing of the King who brings us grace.
Let’s proclaim His excellencies.
Let’s praise Him excellently.
Got snatched from the dark domain transferred and placed in His assembly.
This fountain that we’re doused in.
This salvation’s astounding.
This Christ we have is glorious so let’s gather ’round and crown Him.
That glory “kick”
I love when Christ and His glory is adored and lifted up and as glorious and not just as glory-ish.
Who gets the honor?
You know how the story ends.
When it’s Christ we know is its all in all so that all the glory’s His.
Gotta decrease so He’ll increase.
We’ll die the more we love to our precious Lord and our God say Soli Deo Gloria!
Gotta decrease so He’ll increase.
We’ll die the more we love to our precious Lord and our God say Soli Deo Gloria!

Gloria – Gloria – Soli Deo Gloria. He’s glorious!

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