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This is a custom 404 error page, meaning that the page you landed to was this page. It could have been that you tried to access a blog post that got raptured. When I say raptured, I mean deleted or never existed. You could have landed to this page by some kind of error too. Another reason, the page you was trying to look at could have changed addresses, in this case, it was left behind. That is why the search bar is below, so you can search to see if you can find that missing page. If you can’t find it then that blog post may have got raptured or it was never posted.

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Thanksgiving Day Quiz Printable

Thanksgiving Day Quiz, test your Thanksgiving Day knowledge. Only 8 questions to answer too! There is also a free printable version too! Including an answer sheet. #Thanksgiving #ThanksgivingDay #ThanksgivingQuiz #ThanksgivingDayQuiz
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National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo)

National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) I talk about a month for us bloggers. I talk a little about it and why I blog and much more. #NaBloPoMo
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A Thanksgiving Fun Sheet (Free Printable)

A free Christian Thanksgiving fun sheet Download from KSBJ Contemporary Christian Music. A turkey to color, Bible verses to look up and a word search.
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World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day - Yes, there is a day set aside for kindness. But truthfully, we should celebrate kindness everyday. #WordKindnessDay #KindnessDay
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A Thanksgiving Poem

A Thanksgiving Poem is written by myself, Steve Patterson. This is done like an acronym acrostic type poem. Plus a free printable version to download and print! #Thanksgiving #ThanksgivingDay #ThanksgivingPoem
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Turkey Tips That Save Time And Money (Free Printable)

Tips for preparing to cook your turkey for Thanksgiving. A good entertainment plan that saves time and money is something to be truly thankful for. With the right plan, all that cooks will need to do on Thanksgiving Day is put dishes into the oven and remove them when they are done. A few hints from professional chef Jim Coleman can help you save money while affording you more time to spend with your guests. Now with a free printable version! #Turkey #Thanksgiving #TurkeyTips #Recipe
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To the Table by Zach Williams

To the Table by Zach Williams - This is a music video of Zach Williams preforming his song To the Table with Way-FM. #TotheTable #ZachWilliams
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How I Learned to Drive

How I Learned to Drive - I share with my readers how I learned to drive.
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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Your Groceries—But You Could

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Your Groceries—But You Could - How about an app that puts detailed information at your fingertips about the products you buy. #SmartLabel
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Free food for veterans on Veterans Day

Free food for veterans on Veterans Day - If you are a veteran there are restaurants that will give you free food on Veterans Day.
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“God Bless America” Anniversary

“God Bless America” First Performed: Anniversary, 1938 - 80 years ago this song written by Irving Berlin during World War I but was first performed by Kate Smith during World War II. #GodBlessAmerica
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How I Learned to Blog

How I Learned to Blog - I share how I learned how to blog.
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Raptured Blog Post

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