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Prayers for Metro-North Railroad

Prayers for those who died, injured and involved with any aspect of the Metro-North Railroad deadly crash.
Metro-North-Train Photo: NYTimes
Metro-North-Train Photo: NYTimes

I also want to lift up prayers to those involved in the deadliest crash in Metro-North Railroad history. A commuter train hit a SUV, killing 6, at the time of this posting. Including the driver of the SUV and passengers on the train. Part of the train and the SUV caught on fire. It is said that 6 died and 12 injured from this late Tuesday evening, February 3, 2015, crash in Vallahalla, NY.

So please keep the victims and their families in prayers, as well as, the investigating crews and those crews who helped at the accident scene. Plus anyone else that is involved in this deadly crash.

We are never promised tomorrow (Matthew 6:34). Proof is with this crash and the TransAsian crash too. This is why it is important to Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, Today is the Day of Salvation. God may call us home at any time or sentence us to eternal punishment. Are you ready? Remember for the Wages of Sin is Death, But the Gift of God is eternal Life with Him. You can only get that eternal life with Him by accepting Jesus Christ.

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