Portofino Italian Restaurant

Portofino Italian Restaurant – This weeks Travel Thursday takes you to Morristown to a new Italian Restaurant. #PortofinoItalianRestaurant #Portofino

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Portofino Italian Restaurant – This weeks Travel Thursday takes you to Morristown to a new Italian Restaurant. #PortofinoItalianRestaurant #Portofino

Portofino Italian Restaurant

It has been awhile since I did a Travel Thursday and I figured I would get one done again. I visited Portofino Italian Restaurant on Calzone Day to eat and try a calzone from this place. The outside looks good, but nothing to write home about. Just wait, go inside and you will be blown away with the rustic interior design.

They just recently opened, so they are a new restaurant.

At this restaurant you will find pizzas and other Italian foods. Not to mention, they have $7 Lunch Combos.

Portofino Italian Restaurant - Outside

They are located where a former Mexican restaurant was where it is attached to the now closed Travel Lodge hotel. Each time I have passed by saying I want to try them, they never seem to be busy. But, maybe those times they aren’t and have other times that are.

I did pass by Friday night at 7:30 pm and there was a lot of cars outside the place. So that might be their busy time.

I asked if they did any advertising and they replied, “Nope!”. I even tried to find a website for them and couldn’t locate one. They are on Facebook and right now only has 37 likes at the time of writing this review.

I noticed my waitress, was very outgoing and friendly. She made you felt welcome during my lunch visit. I ordered a meat calzone. It was good and I would have it again. However, I do prefer the calzones at Gondolier in Jefferson City, TN. Yes, I said that in this review! After all, this has to be an unbiased, honest review right? But wait! Don’t let that stop you from going! I do recommend you go here and try this place! Their calzone is good and one I would eat again! Because they are not far behind, close second.

Portofino Italian Restaurant - Meat Calzone

With my calzone I got a pizza serving utensil, a knife and a small dipping cup of marinara sauce. I asked for another dipping cup of marinara and the waitress was glad to get me one. However, I thought it wasn’t going to be enough, but with the small calzone, I used up one of them and  partial of the second. They do need to give you a bit more marinara sauce, in my opinion.

I also asked my waitress, if I could customize my calzone to do one I like at Gondolier. That is doing chicken and bacon and having alfredo sauce instead of the marinara. She let me know that I can do that.

When she dropped my calzone off, she asked me if I needed parmesan cheese of anything. I let her know I would like that and crushed red peppers. She brought both them to me, and the parmesan shaker was cold. So they must keep theirs in the fridge, other places seem to keep them on the table and they are usually room temperature.

As I stated above the inside will wow you! It is rustic looking with decor on the top of the walls to match the color scheme inside. I was impressed with the inside! They also have a fireplace! Two TVs, but I couldn’t see the TV where I was sitting. I did hear opera type music while I was there too.

Portofino Italian Restaurant - Interior

Portofino Italian Restaurant - Fireplace

The staff is very friendly there and also outgoing.

When you are done, you just go up to the register and get your ticket. It isn’t brought to you at the table.

National Calzone Day


I paid for my own meal and did this review on my own.

Portofino Italian Restaurant - Collage

Update 11/16/18

Came in for lunch and the establishment is very cold. They said heat is on and turned up. The thermostat in the dining area shows the temp is 54. 

Plus this time they were playing rock or pop music and screen shows a playlist with cuss words on it. Totally different feel and atmosphere this time. 

I also got a calzone I like bacon and chicken with Alfredo sauce instead of marinara sauce. It was good. They gave me a tiny amount of Alfredo and it tasted okay. I actually got ham and not bacon. I didn’t like the taste of the calzone or the Alfredo. 

I asked about that and one of the male Waiters and he replied, “they use turkey bacon instead. They don’t use pork bacon it all here.”

They do not have shake cheese ( parmesan cheese ) nor crushed red peppers on the table. You have to ask for it. Again the shake cheese is cold, like they keep it in a cooler. 

I’ll definitely stick to PapaLeno’s if I’m near Berea, KY or Gondolier in Jefferson City, TN. So after my second visit, I don’t believe I’ll be back. 

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