Ole Man Christmas

Ole Man Christmas. Check out this Christmas poem written by Chris Jones in December of 1961 called “Ole Man Christmas”. Where can you find Ole Man Christmas? Now with a printable version. #OleManChristmas

Ole Man Christmas

Ole Man Christmas
By Chris Jones, 1961

Christmas time is hard to buy, if you’re not paying a Christian’s price.
Worldly goods are easily found, but you’ll never find Christmas without Christ.
I sought out in this cruel wold to find this Christmas Day …
I looked in stores all around, “You’ll not find him here,” they would say.

I went to a Christmas Party, hoping very much to find him there,
But when I arrived he was absent, and the people didn’t seem to care.
Getting discouraged by now, I looked for “him” on a Christmas Tree,Pretty balls and lights and such, but Ole Man Christmas I didn’t see.

In despair I hurried quickly to a great big Christmas Parade,
I looked and looked as it went by, but the true meaning of Christmas just seemed to fade.
Sure floats were beautiful and Santa Clause looked very keen’
But Ole Man Christmas was yet to be seen.

I ran as fast as I knew how to the church upon the hill,
There I was sure I’d find the spirit of Christmas real.
Oh, I was so happy I just knew Mr. Christmas would be here,
But inside, the preacher and congregation were fussing, and Ole Man Christmas was no where near.

I walked sadly out into the beautiful soft like snow.
I thought out pure it was — I was approaching Christmas although I didn’t know.
I was feeling sorry for myself, feeling this world was an awful race,
I felt so down and out, knowing that life was something I could not face.

But as I walked by an alley way a ragged little boy I did find,
I gave him a helping hand and found Ole Man Christmas by just being kind.
The next time I saw Christmas and through the humble faith of a child,
“I see a lot more of Jesus at Christmas time,” she said. “I’m glad,” I smiled.

Next I saw Christmas on the face of underprivileged children; men has brought gifts,
And I knew right then Ole Man Christmas was right in the midst.
I met an old woman, a wonderful Christian was she,
And she told me with tears, keeping Christ in Christmas is the key.

Now if you think it’s hard to find Ole Man Christmas around,
Just live your life for others and he’ll soon be found.
For finding Ole Man Christmas is not such an art,
Just put Christ first and you’ll find Christmas in your heart.

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Ole Man Christmas Printable

This is something my mom got from church, December 20, 2015. It was given to the ladies in the Loyal Soldiers Sunday School Class at Piedmont Baptist Church

This respectfully belongs to Chris Jones and seems to be written in December of 1961. First published on Courageous Christian Father December 23, 2015. Last republished or updated December 4, 2020.

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