Normal? What is it?

Normal? What is it? Is there such a thing as normal today? We live in a constantly changing world. I go over what this word means and more. #Normal

Normal? What is it? Is there such a thing as normal today? We live in a constantly changing world. I go over what this word means and more. #Normal

Normal? What is it?

I had an idea to blog about this word before the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic hit us. Back in August of 2019. It actually was an idea from a writing prompt. (shown below).

Normal means many different things to different people. Mine is not like yours, nor is yours like mine. They could be similar perhaps. But everyone sees it differently.

Yes! Normal can be defined for example in the Webster Dictionary, it tells us what the word means …

  1. conforming to a type, standard, or regular pattern
  2. occurring naturally
  3. of, relating to, or characterized by average intelligence or development

That is just to name a few.

I’d say meaning one and two relate to each other.

For example, our regular routine is one meaning what occurs naturally to us. It could also be a number of things. One thing I believe right now, we may not go totally back to our norm. I believe because of physical distancing and social distancing, we all will have a NEW NORMAL.

This pandemic has disrupted a lot of people’s routines. Work Schedules or lack of work. The ability to go out to eat. Or even the limit of items we can buy and how many of us can go into a store. That list can go on.

So I guess one good thing about being human, we can actually adapt to the changing world. We might not like that change. But things always change even the norm.

I am sure in the past, when we had wars, those wars had to adjust everything that was done and how we did it.

I pray and hope that you can adjust well to a new normal. I see a new normal coming out of this pandemic. I do not think everything will totally go back to the way it was. I am sure there will now be new guidelines for everything we do now.

May it be go to the store or out to eat. Even how we handle business in our jobs. This pandemic may have been a wake up call for many people.

Maybe sometimes we get too comfortable in our normal. Sometimes change is good. Sometimes, change is not. Nonetheless, one thing is certain, God is always with us. Even in times of changes, storms, pandemics, etc.

Below is that writing prompt that I saw from Think Written.

100. Normal: What does normal mean to you? Is it good or bad to be normal?

Think Written

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