National Root Beer Float Day

National Root Beer Float Day. A day to enjoy two great things in one. Root Beer and Vanilla Ice Cream to make a creamy vanilla drink. Held annually on August 6.

This day is also held on my birthday.

If you are like me you like Root Beer and you like vanilla ice cream. Since I like both of these, I like a good cold creamy root beer float. If you ask my opinion, I think A&W has the best tasting root beer. If you have an A&W Restaurant near by, you can get a free root beer float. Of course, you do have to make a purchase. Plus, as always, at participating locations. A&W Restaurant is also asking for donations to benefit the Disabled American Veterans (DAV). They have been honoring Vets since 1919.

A&W Naitonal Root Beer Flaot Day #RootBeerFloatDay

“There is nothing more ‘All American’ than Root Beer Floats,” says A&W CEO Kevin Bazner. “It just seems fitting that as we commemorate this treat, we also thank and help American veterans who gave so much to our country. We’re very pleased to be working with DAV, which like A&W, has been a part of America for nearly 100 years.”  Bazner noted that A&W Root Beer was introduced at a parade honoring returning World War I veterans in 1919.

2017, was the fifth annual National Root Beer Float Day celebration. At that time A&W has raised $550,000 for veterans’ service organizations. It hopes to raise another $150,000 for DAV during this year’s event. “DAV’s ability to fulfill the promises made to men and women who served is dependent upon the commitment and generosity of companies like A&W,” says Marc Burgess, DAV National Adjutant and CEO. “We are delighted to welcome such a beloved American brand as a new partner.”

I personally don’t know of many A&W Restaurants near me. I only knew of one location in Sevierville, TN. But I looked on the website and there are more than I thought. If you join the birthday club, they will give you a free root beer float for your birthday too!

  • Newport, TN
  • Sevierville, TN
  • La Follette, TN
  • Madisonville, TN
  • Sweetwater, TN

Find a location near you!

Make Your Own!

But, maybe you can make your own. Just get some Root Beer and Vanilla Ice Cream! Maybe you can do it like them and freeze a mug too! Very simple drink to make! Only two ingredients.

Black Cow

Did you know that a root beer float use to be called a “Black Cow,” in a mining camp in Cripple Creek, Colorado by Frnak J. Wisner in 1893.

Be sure to use the hashtag #RootBeerFloatDay

First published August 4, 2018. Last updated or republished August 6, 2020.

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