National Day of the Deployed

National Day of the Deployed – This day honors veterans, active duty soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen who have served their country abroad. Held annually October 26.

National Day of the Deployed

National Day of the Deployed #DayOfTheDeployed

This day for the Deployed started in 2006 by Shelle Michaels Abrele. After that the North Dakota Governor, John Hoeven, made a Proclamation for National Day of the Deployed. Making Governor Hoeven the first governor in the United States to make a formal proclamation recognizing them. Native North Dakotan Bottenau chose the date date October 26. Hosna Botteneau also happened to be Abrele’s cousin who was deployed in Iraq from Kaiserslautern, Germany. The date being the brithday of Botteneau.

The first event held was in Grand Folks, ND with the NDARNG 1-188th ADA SECFOR and JLENS deployed to Afghanistan being the first to be honored by this proclamation.It wasn’t until October 18, 2011, John Hoven, now Senator, led efforts and co-sponsored S.RES.295 for a national day of honor. By, 2012, all 50 states now observe National Day of the Deployed.

I heard this day mentioned on Three Things You Need to Know of Air1, this morning, October 26, 2017.

Ways to show appreciation to the military!

A special thank you to all the men and women
who have served or current serving!

First published October 26, 2017. Republished October 20, 2020.

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