Missing from Ch ch – Church Sign

I like this church sign. It reminds me of church signs I saw when I was a child and teenager.

Missing from Ch  ch – Church Sign

I saw this church sign the other day, but stopped on March 18, 2016 to take the picture. This is from Jefferson City Assembly of God in Jefferson City, TN. Like I mentioned this church sign reminds me of ones I saw when I was a child.

This church sign reads …

U R Missing from Ch  ch

They use the word “church” and only leave the ch at the front and the ch in the back. The remove the center letters the U and the letter R. To sand for U R, as in You Are.  So you are missing from church.

I going to remind everyone that we make up the church, not a church building, but we are still to not neglect fellowship with fellow believers.

U R Missing From CH CH - Jefferson City Assembly of God - Church Sign
U R Missing From CH CH – Jefferson City Assembly of God

Make sure to follow this blog as I will post what the other side of this sign says. They put two different messages on this sign. The other side will be published soon.

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