Meet YoYo (The Blind Cat)

Meet YoYo (The Blind Cat) #YoYo – This is a story about a blind cat.

Meet YoYo (The Blind Cat)

Back in August 2018, he celebrated his one-year Rescue-versary (rescue anniversary). YoYo acts like any normal cat. He might not even know he is blind either.

YoYo was an abandoned kitty born with no eyes. He has had surgery to help fix his eye lids.

Left Now Picture & Right is picture with him stitches over his eyes. #YoYo

A Decision has been made. YoYo is a FOSTER FAIL! I do not think Joe and I should attempt to foster anymore. This video taken today was the moment we decided to keep him. I have not seen Mac look this good in weeks! He truly had an amazing day with YoYo and it is a day we will always cherish.

Joel and Lauren


YoYo is now one of 5 cats, all who have special needs, living with Joel and Lauren.

Little has CH & can’t walk, Mika’s The Blind Beauty, Mac’s the gremlin, Leela’s the 1 Eyed Girl & YoYo’s the blind kitten.

Joel and Lauren

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  1. Thank you for giving YoYo the best furrever home he could have, blind cats are wonderful, they will teach you so much.
    I can only imagine how he will open your own eyes and heart, like mine have opened mine.
    Many blessing to you and YoYo.

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