Mr. & Mrs. Patterson (Heather Patterson & Steve Patterson)

Meet Mrs. Patterson

Meet Mrs. Patterson – I would like for you all to meet Heather Patterson, my wife. We got married February 17, 2018.

Meet Mrs. Patterson

Heather and I just got married, February 17, 2018. We got married at my church, Piedmont Baptist in Dandridge, TN. Our colors for the wedding was red and gray. We even used the three corded rope theme and mason jars. We tried to go as simple as possible.

Heather is a Kentucky Girl from the Swan Pond area. She also has two boys. If you have followed my blog, you have seen where Heather and I have done a lot of stuff. Some of those can be seen in the Travel Thursday blog post. She also is a blogger too. She blogs at SimplySpokn.

Mr. & Mrs. Patterson (Heather Patterson & Steve Patterson)

I believe, Heather’s sister, Tiffany Baker took this picture of us.

Three Corded Rope Is Not Easily Broken

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