King’s Witness Bracelet

King’s Witness Bracelet (Christian Symbol Bracelet)  – a bracelet also known as the King’s Witness Bracelet. It uses symbols to share the gospel. #KingsWitnessBracelet

King’s Witness Bracelet

These symbols on this bracelet is called the King Witness. They uses symbols so a person can witness to someone from the bracelet. Kind of like the Power Band Bracelet that uses many colors to share the gospel.  I saw these at Lifeway one day and thought they were neat. These silicon bracelets are very popular today.



What does the symbols mean?

Each of these symbols has a meaning and helps to share the gospel of Christ.

  • The 1st Down Arrow means He Came.
  • The Cross means He died.
  • The Arch means He arose.
  • The Up Arrow means He Ascended.
  • The 2nd Arrow Down means He’s coming back.

Power Band Witnessing Tool Bracelet


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