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Journey through Bethlehem

Journey Through Bethlehem

December 10th-12th 2015 • 6 pm to 8:30 pm

The Journey is an inside Christmas Program for all ages depicting the life of Jesus Christ. You are able to get a look back in time of what really happened in Bethlehem. This is great for young children who have questions about Christmas. There are visual scripture aides and live animals including: a donkey, sheep, llama and camel. This wonderful experience is free, wheelchair accessible and a self guided tour at your own pace. If you have already attended the journey then you must be hooked and will come back this year. Each year we have different people and different scenes. We look forward to seeing you this year. Bring someone with you.

Shawanee Baptist Church
780 Shawanee Road
Shawanee, TN 37867 (Harrogate, TN)

I have never been to this, I have seen this for the last few years at my work. I would like to try to go to this. This is about an hour and fifteen minute drive from where I live in Jefferson City, TN.

This almost reminds me of Trail to Empty Tomb you see around Easter.

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  1. True statement! I’ve been to many and loved them all! You can never see too many!

    1. I want to try to go this year, I meant to go last year. I’ve been to the trail to empty tomb near Easter

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