Cumberland Falls & the Moonbow

Cumberland Falls & the Moonbow – Check out this beautiful waterfall. This site is also popular due to it is one of a few places you can see a moonbow during a Full Moon. This weeks Travel Thursday takes us to the Cumberland Falls State Resort Park.

Cumberland Falls

Located near Corbin, KY, Cumberland Falls is a beautiful spot to check out. Even if you are not there to see the moonbow (Learn more below). Which I have not seen yet, but one day soon, I hope to see one. This is a spot for someone who doesn’t really like to hike, yet still get to see a waterfall. You park and walk a little ways to several observation areas for the waterfall. Yes, there are some stairs here and there to do too.

Cumberland Falls #CumberlandFalls

Cumberland Falls is nicknamed “Niagara of the South” per the Kentucky State Park website. The waterfall is 125 feet wide. If you go after recent rains you can see a huge waterfall.  Only visiting two times, I still recommend everyone to visit. You can get to the Cumberland Falls within one and half hours to two hours from Knoxville, TN. It will be well worth the drive to visit! Oh yea, it has also been called Little Niagara or Great Falls.

Rich History

Having rich history, Cumberland Falls was even used by the Native Americans (Shawnee, Cherokee, Chickasaw and the Creek). It was even was a privately owned ( Matthew Walton and Adam Shepard in 1800’s and Henry Brunson in early 1900’s) before being donated. The current falls is not as tall as it was originally due to erosion. Both Cumberland Falls and nearby Eagle Falls are considered sacred by many due to the Native American influence in its history. It wasn’t until 1928, when the falls became part of the Kentucky State Parks.

Did you know?

There use to be a swinging bridge that would take you to the other side. Also, there use to be a way to go behind under the falls. But current erosion has washed it away and made it unsafe.

What is the moonbow?

According to WikiPedia A moonbow is a rainbow produced by moonlight instead of sunlight. It shows up near mostly waterfalls that produce a fog or misty. Actually it only shows up during a full moon. It is very rare and only shows up in a few places. Not only seen at Cumberland Falls, but various waterfalls in Yosemite National Park in California. Plus, it has been reported at Victoria Falls in Africa and also on the border of Zambia and Litvice Lakes in Croatia, which is more known for a spray moonbow.

However, Cumberland Falls is the only site in the Western Hemisphere where the moonbow shows up regularly.

More info:

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park
7351 Hwy. 90
Corbin, KY 40701

Some sources from the Kentucky State Park website and also WikiPedia

Not to far away, is Chained Rock, another place you should go check out!

Chained Rock (Pineville, KY)


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