Is Speech Always Free?

Is speech always free? When and where might it not be free? #writingprompts #dailyPrompt, #prompts @SelectedPrompts

Is speech always free? When and where might it not be free? #writingprompts #dailyPrompt, #prompts @SelectedPrompts
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In America we have “Freedom of Speech.” But do we really?

It may be free for us, however, someone paid the price for it. Price of lives, rewards, punishment or even monetary. So in a since it’s not really free!

Like a solider who gave their life or seriously injured for the rest of their life for our freedom. I would like to thank the men and women who have served and current serve to keep our freedoms. This is paid with the lives of others.

The other thing is our tongue is powerful and what we can say can aid or it can harm. We will answer to God on what we say. So that can be seen as a cost too. This is paid with a punishment or reward.

The other time speech isn’t free is when you have to pay a guest speaker to speak at your event. This case it’s paid with a monetary value.

In some cases there is censorship. You can only say this or that, but not this or that. This is not freedom of speech. That’s being told what to say or not to say.

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