The Importance of Christian and Family-Friendly Media

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Founded in 2005

Pure Flix Entertainment was founded in 2005 with a vision to influence the culture for Christ through media. A joint effort between Russell Wolfe, CEO/managing partner; Elizabeth Travis, Michael Scott, managing partner/producer; and David A.R. White, managing partner/actor/producer, today, Pure Flix is the world leader in producing and distributing faith and family media.

As the No. 1 Christian production studio in the world, Pure Flix has established its footing in the faith-based entertainment industry with more than 30 films produced and more than 80 films distributed worldwide. In addition, in 2015, the company introduced Pure Flix Digital, a streaming video on demand service offering subscribers 5,000 wholesome, faith and family-friendly titles.

12 Core Values of Pure Flix

Check out the 12 Core Values of Pure Flix. #PureFlix

As a company, Pure Flix aims to lead by example. Its leadership and employees are guided by 12 core values:

  1. Identity – embracing the company’s calling as a faith-driven team, purposed with creating, marketing and distributing inspirational films that influence our culture for Christ.
  2. Ownership – accepting responsibility for personal input and output.
  3. Leadership – leading the faith-based film industry while giving all the glory to God.
  4. Growth – believing healthy organizational growth occurs when both the business as well as the individuals experience growth together.
  5. Inspire – fully embracing purpose to positively impact lives through inspirational messages of truth, hope and love.
  6. Pure Customer Focus – focusing on developing and nurturing long-term, mutually successful relationships that produce eternal impact.
  7. Innovation – intentionally creating and pursuing new ideas and concepts that consistently advance its mission.
  8. Teamwork – coming together as unique individuals united with a God-given purpose, sharing a common vision and mission.
  9. Positive Attitude – living with joy and a positive attitude fueled by faith and victory in Christ
  10. Communication – seeking the wisdom to understand by listening and asking questions first before seeking to be understood.
  11. Stewardship – being grateful stewards in humble service to the Lord and Savior.
  12. Quality and Excellence – committing to produce superior products backed by excellent service.

Pure Flix has corporate offices in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Los Angeles, California. For additional information, visit

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