Gut Feeling

Gut Feeling – that feeling we get deep inside us that it seems to come from our gut. So what is it? #GutFeeling

Gut Feeling - that feeling we get deep inside us that it seems to come from our gut. So what is it? #GutFeeling

Can we trust our gut feeling? Does the Bible mention anything about trusting our gut? Let’s take a look …

Gut Feeling – that feeling we get deep inside us that it seems to come from our gut. So what is it? #GutFeeling Click To Tweet

A Gut Feeling has been said to be like a sixth sense, intuition, suspicion, hunch, case of the nerves, bad vibes, etc. It’s usually a deep-down feeling that you believe you can feel deep in your gut aka stomach. Often it is noted that is your conscience.

This term, gut feeling came from …

It is believed this term came about around the 1970’s. This term has also been said as can also be “a gut response” or “a gut reaction”.

In fact, scientists have discovered that after the brain, the nervous system’s second biggest network of closely-interconnected neurones is located in the stomach area. The actual signals come from your brain, but the nerve cells in your gut do play a part in your emotion and intuition.

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Does Bible mention?

Proverbs 16:25 does mention there is a way that seems right to man, but it isn’t. We cannot always rely on or trust the gut feeling. Yes, some people believe the gut feeling comes from God. But, just like the heart, it can be deceiving.

We have to remember we have a sin nature, that can cause to to sin, error, be in bad judgment, etc. When we rely on the gut feeling, we may be relying on emotional or feelings instead of what God truly wants.

However, there may truly be a gut feeling that God wants you to do. Not sure if it is or not, just pray and seek Godly council.

I directly couldn’t find anything in the Bible about that feeling deep inside your gut. But if it is your conscience, that often is the Holy Spirit working in us. Who is our guide and helper.

What are your thoughts?

What do you think about these type of feelings. Feel free to share in the comments below. Even include Bible verses,that would be great.

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  1. Right now, my gut has an entire set of new feelings, as I am fighting something that might be related to irritable bowel syndrome, but I agree that there is that second ‘nerve center.’ God guides me as I write my blog, not saying divinely inspired at all, but my brain comes up with ideas. Then I ignore them until my gut agrees.

    1. Yeap my gut says a lot due to stomach issues too. Maybe we can perceive that as part of the gut feeling when in fact it was simply medical. Yes, God does guide us through the Holy Spirit. I am glad of that helper that came along. Sometimes our gut feeling can be connected to anxiety and the such too. When our nerves are up, our gut can misbehave too. Thanks for visiting and the comment Mark. Have a great day.

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