Graze Burgers Review

Graze Burgers Review – Travel Thursday goes to Sevierville, TN to Graze Burgers. They are off the beaten path. #GrazeBurgers

This place is not on the main drag, it is off the beaten path in Sevierville, TN. It has parallel parking outside. The inside is long and narrow. We sat at the table up front, beside us was the host station.

Graze Burgers Inside
Inside Look of Graze Burgers

Located at 125 Bruce St, Sevierville, TN 37862

Below is what I shared on both TripAdvisor and Google Reviews. I gave them a 3 out of 5. I think that is mainly because there was some good points as well.

I’m gonna give a honest review. The burger was okay, but not the best I had. I’ll stick to going to the other place for a burger. The burger and fries had no seasoning to it. My Mac and cheese tasted like water. Waitress got me another one it was good and cheesy that time. Service was really good. Waitress was very friendly and outgoing.

They opened in February 2019 according to this Voices Of East Tennessee post.

The inside did look rather nice. The staff was friendly. The only issue was the burgers and fries needed seasoning. They were very bland. I have had a better burger. That is at Mooyah’s! On my blog, I am gonna name that place!

The prices are not too bad. They are comparable to other burger joints like them including Mooyah’s. If you haven’t guessed it, I am a big fan of Mooyah’s.

Also note, they do serve alcoholic type beverages there too.

The Mac & Cheese

The Mac & Cheese was waterlogged, it didn’t even look cheesy. I tasted it and it tasted like water and pasta. No cheese! I told the waitress and she went to the back and came back with a very thick cheesy thing of mac & cheese. Now that remade Mac & Cheese was great.

The Burgers

Graze Burgers - Bacon Cheese Burger and Fries
Graze Burgers – Bacon Cheese Burger and Fries

I am picky! So I asked for a basic burger with bacon and cheese. The burger didn’t have any seasoning on it, at least it didn’t taste like it did. I didn’t really like it.

The Flag

I loved the pirate flag stick that they put in the burgers. That was totally neat. Well, it looked like a pirate flag to me. But maybe, I like pirate things too much!

The Fries

The fries were okay. They seemed to have no seasoning on them. They seem to have sat before being fried and then sat again. Just like the burger, I think Mooyah’s has awesome fries. Just saying.

House Bacon

In my opinion, the house bacon was the best thing they had. I do like bacon though. They use smoked pork belly that has been cured for 14 days as their house bacon. It was great. I had it on my burger. Plus, they had some on the mac & cheese.

But, each his own, everyone has their own preferred taste. This place might be your ideal burger joint. You never know unless you give them a try.

I was given a $20 gift card to try this place out. I had to pay the rest of the bill myself. So I wanted to do a review of this place.

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