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Grace Is Not An Excuse Church Sign

Grace Is Not An Excuse Church Sign – This church sign gives a reminder about grace not being an excuse to sin. But what it has the power to do.

Grace Is Not An Excuse Church Sign

This church sign comes from September of 2017 from Harrogate, TN. This church sign belongs to Harrogate United Methodist Church.  I figured I would share this church sign as part of this weeks Church Sign Saturday. The church sign read that day … “Grace is not an excuse to sin … It is the power not to sin.”

Grace Is Not An Excuse to sin - It is the power not to sin - Harrogate United Methodist Church

So true, because we have grace doesn’t mean we do what we want to. We still answer to everything we do. But, as a Christian, if we did what we want to, are showing Jesus to others and being the light. If they don’t see any difference, what would make them want interested?

Yes, we are not sinless, but as a Christian we should strive to sin less and be more Christ like! True change only comes from Christ, who makes us a new creation.

Reminds me of the blog post A License to Sin!

A License to Sin


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