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God Is My Pilot Not My Co-Pilot

I talk about God being my pilot not my Co-Pilot as most people say. I share what I believe it means to say God is your co-pilot vs God is my pilot.

We all have seen the stickers that say Go is my Co-Pilot. I am going to talk about those briefly and share why God is not my co-pilot but the fact that God is my pilot!

God Is My Pilot Not My Co-Pilot

I really didn’t think much about it until the pastor mentioned about those bumper stickers we see. You see by you saying God is my Co-Pilot you are saying you are co-equal to God. You are saying you don’t totally trust God. You are also saying you are not allowing God to be in charge.

God is not Co- anything with us!

God is not second. God is always first! The word Co- means mutual, the same, joint or common according to  God is not the same as us. We are made in His image, but we are not a god or godlike. We are not even mutual with God or even co-equal with Him.

A Co-Pilot is not in charge!

Did you know a Co-Pilot is not in charge! A Co-Pilot is only there to help when needed from the main pilot. When we say God is the Co-Pilot that means we are the ones piloting and God is not. By saying God is the Co-Pilot we are saying we are in control, we do as we please and go where we want and only let God take over when needed.

God Is My Pilot!

He is in total control! By letting Him fully pilot the plane or ship, He is in control and I trust Him where He takes me.I know he will take me to where I need to go for His Kingdom. When I say He is my pilot, I am showing He is above all else and I am not co-equal with Him. By saying God Is My Pilot I am saying God is in charge! I am also saying that I am not common or the same as God by saying He is my Pilot. I also know God is in charge of everything. I answer to Him at the end.

God Is My Pilot

Let’s make a change and start saying …


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