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Fazoli’s coming back to Morristown

Fazoli’s coming back to Morristown, to the Merchant's Greene area.

Fazoli’s coming back to Morristown, TN, to the Merchant’s Greene area. #Fazolis

Fazoli’s Logo belongs to Fazoli’s

The old locations where the current cookout is at the new location is going to the new development area right beside Texas Roadhouse.

“I don’t see how they would not be successful, we don’t have an Italian-type restaurant on our end of town … It will be a new updated 2018 concept that they’re using.”

Shannon Greene, Merchant Greene Developer

Sources say the owner, LaFollette businessman Odus Mundy, who owns multiple Fazoli’s franchises, acquired the property back in November of 2018.

There is no word when the Fazoli’s will open. But it seems to be going up fast. If we find out, we will update this blog post with that info and/or make a new blog post. Make sure you follow this blog! (See opening date below!)

There is still more room for plenty of other businesses to set in the Merchants Greene area.

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Update: They are planning to open on Wednesday, September 11, 2019!

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