The Tradition of The Christmas Pickle

I share what The Tradition of the Christmas Pickle is and I share some ideas of stories you can share using the Christmas Pickle. Now you will know what it means to have a pickle in a Christmas Tree. Now with a FREE Printable version.

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Christmas Pickle
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The Tradition of The Christmas Pickle

It’s Christmas, a time of jingle bells, stockings presents under the tree and family traditions. Celebrate the holidays with a time-honored German tradition and have fun with your family for years to come! Following an Old World custom, parents waited until Christmas Eve to hide a small pickle ornament on the Christmas Tree, tucking it out of sight among the branches. On Christmas morning, the first family member to spot the pickle was rewarded with a special blessing for the coming year and received the first present from under the tree. 

I think I saw this in 2013, at Dollar Tree, but looked it over. This year I picked it up and went to see what it was about. Does your family do the Christmas Pickle? How does it go? I have never heard of it until now. Might be a good way to determine who opens a present first on this day.

I just wonder if there is a way we can use this pickle and have a story about Jesus with it. Maybe you can do a creation story and talk about how God created everything. Plus, you can share how God Blesses us and not the Christmas Pickle. Also, we can share that we cannot hide from God no matter where we go. I am sure there are stories we can share about Christ and God in the Christmas Pickle. If you have an idea, please share it below in the comments.

Just a note, According to WikiPedia, it is not a German tradition, but believed to be one done in right here in America.

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First published December 1, 2014. Last Republished December 4,, 2019. #ChristmasPickle

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