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Christian Music DJ Services

I’m Steve (DJ ChristianBlogR) and I would like to offer Christian Music DJ Services to your next event or party. I only play Christian Music.  I am new at this but I only listen to Christian Music and enjoy it so much I want to share it with other people.

Christian Music DJ Services

My name is Steve Patterson you can call me DJ ChristianBlogR. I can help boost up your event, birthday party or the like with some Christian Music. I am just starting so rates are very reasonable. Limited time, I will come out and do this just for tips. I can also take tips as cash, Christian Music CDs or iTune or Amazon Gift cards (so I can buy more music), etc. That way I can keep adding to the playlist of music. I currently have almost 5,000 of Christian songs and hope to keep that being added.

Christian Music DJ Services (DJ ChristianBlogR)

Christian Music DJ Services (DJ ChristianBlogR)

The system I am shown pictured with is a Phillips NX5. The speakers light up and gives out great sound. I even even use a microphone on it too. Plus tons of other features with it.

I am mostly doing this for fun and the love of the Christian music genre. I want others to know about Christian Music. Since I only listen to Christian Music, it is the only type of music that will be played at your event or party. I also do have Christmas Music for your Christmas Party too.

If you are a Christian Band and would like to donate music, I would be happy to add that to the list. If you have unwanted Christian Music CDs, I would be glad to have them donated as well.

If you have old sound system equipment you wish to donate that I could use, please feel free to pass it onto me, it will come into good work for the Kingdom of God.


If your event is in the East Tennessee area, feel free to contact me and we can work something out. I’d love to come and offer Christian Music as a Christian Music DJ at your party or event. Birthday Parties, Weddings, Church Events, Local Events and more! I will only play Christian type music too! God Bless!

You can call me at 865-227-3213 or you can text me at 865-227-3213


Christian Music DJ Services

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