Christian Church is for Worshiping the One True God of the Bible Only!

The Christian Church is for worshiping the one true God of the Bible, not for Muslims to have their prayer and cover up God’s Crosses and any Christian symbols. This church that is allowing the Muslims to come in and use their facilities is doing a wrong thing, they are allowing idolatry into the sacred holy place of God. This is allowing other things to be worshiped other than the one true God of the Bible, the true God the only God that should be worshiped. God will destroy those who go against His Word. This was done at one of the most prominent Episcopal Churches.

The Cross - Christian Church
The Cross

This Muslim Prayer so they can pray to Allah, who is not God. Muslims cannot pray with any Crosses or Christian type of symbols in sight, so they must hide and cover up those. This I believe is very offensive to me! I hope you as a Christian believe the same thing. If it offends you that Muslims are covering up the crosses so they can pray, you need to speak up and share how upset you are. This goes against God’s Will. If you accept this, this says you are going with what they say and not what God Says.

Jesus died for our sins on the Cross! The Cross of Calvary is everything to us as Christians. If this upsets you, speak up and let it be known that it upsets you. Don’t let them take away the rights we have. These rights are slowing being taken away from us because we are not speaking up!

I also believe God’s hand of protection that is on America is only being removed because we as Christians are not speaking up on our rights.

Be more afraid of offending God than man of this world! It’s time to take a stand and stand up for God!

I also encourage you to share and put Crosses on your Social Media! Don’t be afraid to let others know you belong to Christ. Don’t deny Christ or Christ will deny you! Take a stand today!

Today you must choose who you will serve, the World or the one True God of the Bible, the one who sent His Son, Jesus to die for our sins on the Old Rugged Cross.

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Author: Steve Patterson

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