Cat Herders’ Day

Cat Herders’ DayCat Herders’ Day – Does your day or life seem like you are trying to herd cats? Then, this day is for you! #CatHerdersDay

Cat Herder's Day

Cat Herders’ Day

This reminds of us Myth Busters and the episode of Cat Herding. That is just hearing the title for this holiday. So what is it about? Let’s take a look …

This day is held annually on December 15.

Just like cats, who are cute, adorable and innocent. You hear that? INNOCENT!

Anywho! No matter how organized you are, cats and kittens always get away. We are an escape artist! Just like that video with the Myth Busters.

Often hoomans take on too much! Then the pile gets bigger and bigger! Then the chaos starts and an avalanche. Then the cats and kittens get away.

Most jobs seem like you are herding cats, sometimes your life might seem that way. But remember who has control over all of it … GOD!

Back to this day, it was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy of

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