Brooklyn Brothers Pizzeria (Corbin) Review

Brooklyn Brothers Pizzeria (Corbin) Review – A review of a pizza joint in Corbin, KY. Find out if I believe this is the best pizza joint there is or not.

Brooklyn Brothers Pizzeria (Corbin) Review

Travel Thursday takes us to Corbin, KY. Just about two hours north of Jefferson City, TN. It takes us to this pizza eatery … Brooklyn Brothers Pizzeria.

This place has a great feel to it. The interior is very nicely done. The servers I have had have been very friendly too. Plus, I think the pizza is the best pizza I have ever had. Did I mention their dough is homemade! I highly recommend eating here. I Just wished there was a location closer to me. But, still two hours is not a bad drive for some good pizza!

Brooklyn Brothers Pizzeria Review in Corbin, KY

A Brooklyn style pizza is a think type crusted pizza. It is said Domino’s coined the phrase Brooklyn Style, but true Brooklyn style pizzas don’t use corn meal like Domino’s does. This style of pizza is mostly a New York Style pizza. According to WikiPedia, the New York Style the crust is thick and crisp only along its edge, yet soft, thin, and pliable enough beneath its toppings to be folded in half to eat

Get what you pay for!

They might be a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for! The pizza pie is huge! I mean huge! So that is why I believe it is worth it. Not to mention the friendly staff! The few times I have gone, I have always got a meat pizza. I love meat pizzas! Their meat pizza is awesome! I give it two thumbs up! More if I had more thumbs.

About Brooklyn Brothers Pizzeria

According to their website this is what they say about themselves.

Brooklyn Brothers Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant brings you the taste of New York. Original style pizza and the combination of the Italian cuisine with our fresh homemade recipes of 3 generations. Now in Corbin, KY where you and your family will experience a great friendly atmosphere.

Brooklyn Brothers Pizzeria is located off Exit 25 of I-75 in Corbin, KY. Owned and operated by the Garcia family.

More info at:

Review was done based on my experiences at Brooklyn Brothers Pizzeria in Corbin, KY. I wasn’t given anything for this review. I did this on my own.

If you don’t mind the drive!
I’d say head on out here and have a pizza pie!

If you are passing through the area there, then stop on by!

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