Book Review: The Red Sea Rules

The Red Sea Rules by Robert J. Morgan
The Red Sea Rules by Robert J. Morgan

I just finished reading The Red Sea Rules by Robert J. Morgan. This book gives 10 God-Given Strategies for Difficult Times. In this book, Morgan takes us to the Red Sea. Most of the situations can we can relate to us. We are like the Israelites, we have the enemy behind us, and water before us. We don’t see hope, but God suddenly parts the water and we go on. 

I am not a big person on self-help books, this is in a sense a self-help book, but reading it, it doesn’t seem like a self-help type of book. I found this book interesting, none-the-less because just over a year ago, I completed my Exodus class in my major. The Read Sea story is found in Exodus 14. 

Robert J. Morgan, the author is a pastor in Nashville, TN. He has served over 30 years there. He is married with 3 daughters and ten to twelve grandchildren. As the about the other page in the book says twelve and the back cover says ten. 

This book does use scripture reference and real life examples plus it has quotes. It is a short read. I highlighted many things in my book that stood out to me. I don’t want to give much of the book away by pointing out a lot of them. So I suggest that you support this author and buy this book and read these 10 rules for the Red Sea. 

I will share with you one quote in the book, found in the preface on page xi. “The past may seem implausible and the future impossible, but God works in ways we cannot see. He will make a way of escape for His weary, but waiting children. 

This book also has study questions that you can answer if you want to. I choose not to answer them. But, if you want you may go through and answer them after you read that rule. This book talks about God, the enemy, prayer, faith, the past and the future. Along with praising God.

The ISBN of this book is 978-0-529-10440-3. I was given this book for free to do a book review. It shows the retail price of the book is $9.99 US. This book is 139 pages. You can break this book up in 10 day reading, do one of the rules per day. I do think you will enjoy this little red and black book. 

I got this book free from BookLook Bloggers to do a review on it.

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