AGT Golden Buzzer recipient Michael Ketterer to be on I Am Second

You AGT Golden Buzzer recipient Michael Ketterer to be on I Am Second – He shares his faith about God. #IAmSecond #WhiteChair #KichaelKetterer

AGT Golden Buzzer recipient Michael Ketterer to be on I Am Second

“America’s Got Talent” Golden Buzzer recipient Michael Ketterer appeared in a short film produced by the faith-based site, “I Am Second.”

If you go through this blog, you will find and see many I Am Second videos from famous people.

Michael Ketterer is from the same city I am, Knoxville, TN. Him and his family now live in California. Ketterer is a pediatric nurse, musician and church worship leader.

The Audition

See his audition on AGT below.

When Ketterer appeared on AGT he got a standing O (Ovation). Even Simon Cowell shed some tears.

“Michael, look, oh gosh, as a dad, I get why … I can’t imagine what you’ve done and the fact that you’re on the show and you really need this, and you’re a really, really special guy, and I don’t know, there’s something about you,“ said Cowell.

Even Howie Mandel agreed. “You deserve to be here. This is not a sob story. This is a happy story. People should be led and inspired by who you are and how you are.”

Quarter Finals

See his live performance at the Quarter finals, below, where he sang “Us”.


Check out his audition performance where Simin gave him the Golden Buzzer. 

White Chair

Okay now onto the “White Chair” film from “I Am Second.” Shown Below

Ketterer is raising six children, along with this wife, Ivey. One of the adopted children has Cerebral Palsy (CP). Ketterer saw God send a clear message to him about adopting the child. They are convinced God has intervened numerous times in the formation of their family, including a troubled pregnancy that almost took the lives of mother Ivey and their extremely premature daughter.

Their daughter began having dreams of three little boys, her brothers. These dreams continued on for two years.

It is detailed in their video on the “White Chair” film from “I Am Second.”  The link to the video is:

AGT Golden Buzzer recipient Michael Ketterer to be on I Am Second

The Semi-Finals

Update: Ketterer goes on to the Semi-Finals. He sings “When I Look At You” See that video below.

The Finals

Update: Ketterer now moves onto the finals where he sang “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”. After the song he told the world he dedicated that song to His God and pointed up. See his performance below.

Final Show Results

Garth Brooks even wrote a song (Courage to Love) for him to sing on the Final Results.  See that performance below.  The crowd booed as it was announced he came in 5th place. I have to agree. I think America got it wrong on the voting.

So who won AGT Season 13?

See who won AGT Season 13?

The winner of Season 13 of America’s Got Talent is Shin Lim, a close up card magician.


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