5 Facts of Life

5 Facts of Life – I am not talking about the late seventies, early eighties show. I am talking about these five real facts of life. #FactsofLife

5 Facts of Life

We All …

  1. Are Created In the Image of God
  2. Have a Sin Nature is passed down to us from First Adam (man)
  3. Will Die One Day
  4. Meet God One Day
  5. Have a final destination after we die

Pretty simple and to the point!

God Created us all! We are a created not just happened! He created us in His image. Adam, the first man, is where the fall of man kind began and caused the sin nature to pass down to all of us. That also brought on sickness and death. When we die, because we all will die, we all will meet God one day. When that day comes, our final destination of Heaven or Hell will be determined based on what we did with Jesus. (Are we a Child of God or not – Born Again).

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Author: Steve Patterson

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