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10 More Christian Bands You May Not Have Heard About

10 More Christian Bands You May Not Have Heard About – In a previous post, 10 Christian Bands You May Not Have Heard About, I shared 10 Christian Bands you may not have heard about. There are a lot of good local and indie type Christian Bands out there that you may or may not have heard about. I am making this list of more that you can check out. Some of these do have record deals, while others may not.

10 More Christian Bands You May Not Have Heard About

10 More Christian Bands You May Not Have Heard About

  1. Lynonhart (Riverside, CA) – Christian Metal
  2. Crimson Blues (San Jose, CA) – Christian Blues
  3. Selfless Sunday (Charlotte, NC) – Christian Rock
  4. Chaotic Resemblance (Las Vegas, NV) – Christian Metal
  5. Neon Cross (Hollywood Los Angeles CA) – Christian Metal
  6. Arsenal (Tampa, FL) – Christian Rock
  7. Stephen the Levite (San Diego, CA) – Christian Rap
  8. Flame (St. Louis, MO) – Christian Rap
  9. 3 Days in the Grave (Lomita, CA) – Christian Rock
  10. Foresaken Hero (Marion VA/ Bristol TN) – Christian Rock

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Be sure to check out these bands!

Stay tuned as I will make up another list! If you are a local or indie Christian music band or artist, let me know. I just might feature you in an upcoming blog post like this or even a few music videos to share with the readers here at Courageous Christian Father blog ministry.

Yes, I know some of you may have heard about some of these bands, but not everyone has.

If you are a Christian Band and play Biblical type lyrics then check out Righteous Rock T.V.

Be sure to check out Free Christian Music that you can download free!

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