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Triple Movie Review by Easter

I was given three movies to do a movie review and told to have them done by Easter. This is my experience with this rush review for Son of God, The Bible & A.D. The Bible Continues. See if I was able to do this feat or not.

I was given three movies to do a movie review and told to have them done by Easter. I figured no big deal. I then get the package. One is a movie and the other two are series from television. I was contacted late Wednesday night about the review. They said they will overnight the package.

They wanted the reviews published before Easter. That is around 1,200 minutes (20 hours — almost 1 day) of video to watch in about 2 days time (48 hours in a day). That is going to push it, I said.

Movie Review Bundle
Movie Review Bundle

Triple Movie Review by Easter

I wrote this blog post up as I was going along to do this Triple Movie Review by Easter.

I get home on Thursday from my job and I get the package. It was one of my deadline days at work, so I got home late. I bag and watched the first film they gave me to review. Son of God.  I even had to go and get my daughter from her job and then started to watch the next DVD set.

The next DVD set was The Bible The Epic Miniseries. I watched a few episodes until 3 or so in the morning and had to take my daughter to work by 8 am. I took her to work and then started to finish watching the videos. I hit one button on the blog and lost 2 days work of blog post, lucky I was able to go back and recover that. That took me a few hours to get that back up. After that I started to resume watching the series.

I even had to go get my daughter from work at 3 pm. Meanwhile I pray that my part time job doesn’t call me in, as I am not scheduled. I had to take a break from watching videos to go get her.

Cram sessions are no fun! I don’t recommend watching these all at one time either. Take your time and reflect and read in the Bible where these stories are.

Well I lacked one episode of The Bible when worked called me just after 6 pm. I went in and worked for 3 hours and then went to the store and came back home to watch the last episode. I finished just after midnight on Saturday.

I took my daughter to work early Saturday morning for her job to be in at 8 am. I have to be in at 11 am, so I figured I would just rest since I will be driving and delivering pizzas. I knew I still had 600 minutes of film left, that’s 10 hours. I even still had to prep my breakfast pizza for the men’s breakfast we have after Easter morning Sunrise service.

I knew with all that I had to get done that I wasn’t able to do this feat. I even let the marketing firm rep know. They said that is okay. So now I plan to finish the A.D. Series on Easter Day.

With all the time in doing a review, it can add up. You have the prep work of prepping the blog post and writing the blog post. Taking notes and even checking back and seeing things that I notice was different in the films. It all adds up. But every review that I do is worth it. You can even check out all the other reviews I have done include other Christian and Faith-based movies, attractions and much more. Click Reviewer to see those.

I rested before starting my second job. After I got off I picked up my daughter from her work and then went to the store to get the stuff to make my breakfast pizza. Got home ate dinner and then rested. Then I started to prep the breakfast pizza. I finished the breakfast pizza as around 10 pm.

I never did get to start on the last DVD series. So I did not make it in time for Easter for all three reviews I did at least get two of them done.

After Easter Resurrection Services, I didn’t get to start any episodes. I fellowshiped with a friend and their family for most of the day. Then it was back to work again. Working a full time job and a part time takes some of your time. It won’t be until Friday and Saturday, almost a week after Easter. I will update this post when I completed the last.

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