The Chicken Sandwich War

The Chicken Sandwich War – Once there was a war between two places on a chicken sandwich, now that war added another place to make three places. (Includes a poll to cast your vote!) #ChickenSandwich #ChickenSandwichWar #ChickfilA #Popeyes #Zaxbys

The Chicken Sandwich War

The Chicken Sandwich War was between Chick-fil-A and Popeyes. Until recently, a newcomer got into the war, Zaxby’s.

The Chicken Sandwich War - Once there was a war between two places on a chicken sandwich, now that war added another place to make three places. (Includes a poll to cast your vote!) #ChickenSandwich #ChickenSandwichWar #ChickfilA #Popeyes #Zaxbys

Zaxby’s stated The Chicken Sandwich War Ain’t Over Yet ™ ….

I have had the Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich, pretty much ate that as a kid growing up. It is a really good chicken sandwich.

I have not tried the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich yet, I have gone there to eat several times before this Chicken Sandwich War thing thing hit, and got poor service, that is from 3 different Popeyes. My regular fried chicken wasn’t hot and they wouldn’t do anything about it. I even contacted corporate and no one ever called me back. So you see why I am reluctant to try theirs.

What is odd, during that first battle, Popeyes ran out of their Chicken Sandwiches, odd for a chicken fast food restaurant, since they serve chicken. I think they did it on purpose to drive more interest. But, Chick-fil-A never ran out! Of course, it is an item that has always been on their menu. Now comes along Zaxby’s and their chicken sandwich …

I have ate the Zaxby’s Chicken Sandwich many times and have enjoyed it very much. They actually have two, a spicy version and regular version. Both are good and my favorite! I actually think they are better than the Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich.

So I would have to say in my opinion, Zaxby’s wins hands down. But, I still have yet to try Popeyes to even give them a fair fight. But based on experience with them … well … I don’t see that happening, so my winner of this War of the Chicken Sandwich is Zaxby’s!

Let your opinion count in this poll!

Use the poll below to cast your vote on your favorite Chicken Sandwich or you can share in the comments who and why. Note! This poll is from those who have read this blog post!

[Total_Soft_Poll id=”2″]

If you select other, please comment where that chicken sandwich is at.

Check back often to see who is winning this War of the Chicken Sandwich.

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