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True Love Waits

I talk about the True Love Waits, abstinence purity covenant that you make before God. I talk about what True Love Waits, why do it. I talk about adultery. I even mention that I am committed myself to True Love Waits and I am 39 years old. I also challenge others to commit too.

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Marriage: One Man, One Woman, Period!

God created the union of marriage involving one man and one woman to become one. He didn’t intended for man and man or woman and woman (same-sex marriage).

Road Signs of the Bible - Wrong Way
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Wrong Way

Road Signs of the Bible, Wrong Way and what does the Wrong Way sign have to do with the Bible?

U-Turn Sign
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U-Turn Sign

In this Road Signs of the Bible the U-Turn Sign is talked about. How does it relate to the Bible? Find out here!

Road Signs of the Bible - Stop
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Stop Sign

Stop Sign, part of the Road Signs of the Bible series at Courageous Christian Father.

Footprints of Jesus
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I talk about the footprints of Jesus. We may sometimes see one sets of prints and sometimes we may see two sets.

Suicide & Chrisitanity
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Suicide & Christianity

This blog post talks some about suicide and Christianity. From people in the Bible who has to those who had the thoughts. Plus if it’s okay or not. #suicide

Baptism Clipart
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Baptism: To be or not to be

Baptism is it required or not required to be saved. Plus, I so some proof why or not not. #baptism

Conserve Your Battery
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Conserve Your Battery

Conserve Your Battery – I talk about conserving your battery on your phone & some food for thought how you might be able to conserve your battery spiritually.

Where for art thou God
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Where for art thou God

Where for art thou God – Did God leave you? Where was God when this happened?

Jonah inside whale clipart by Chrsitian Clip Arts
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Man swallowed by whale & lives

Man swallowed by whale and lives. The story of Jonah and the Whale, part of my series on Bible Stories of the Sea. #Jonah #BGBG2

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Jesus is like a Computer

This is an analogy of how Jesus is like a Computer.

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God Answers Knee Mail – Miracle Baptist Church

This is the church sign for Miracle Baptist Church in Knoxville, TN. It says God Answers Knee Mail.