God the Father
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God the Father

God the Father, is our Heavenly Father only if we are truly we born again (regeneration). That is when we come children of God. We can only become a child of God through His Son Jesus Christ and by Christ alone. #GodtheFather

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Embracing the Fatherhood of God on Father’s Day

Embracing the Fatherhood of God on Father’s Day – On this special occasion of Father’s Day, we have a beautiful opportunity to celebrate and reflect upon the divine gift of fatherhood. While we honor earthly fathers and their impact in our lives, it is crucial to remember the profound love and guidance of our Heavenly Father, who serves as the ultimate example of perfect fatherhood. In this blog post, let us explore the essence of God’s fatherly nature and how it shapes our understanding of fatherhood. #fathersday #bgbg2