Young Steve 1987 (11 years old)
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10 Things You May Not Know About Me

10 Things You May Not Know About Me. I share and discuss some ten (10) things you may not know about me. Some might know these things, but others won’t.

Pray for Pat - #PrayForPat
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Pray for Pat Summitt

Prayers for Pat Summitt. She is in the hospital and they are saying she may not make it. Also keep her family, friends, the Vols team and fans in prayers too. #PatSummitt #PrayforPat

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Craig Shergold, An Urban Legend

Craig Shergold, an Urban Legend. This legend has been around for quiet some time. It was of a boy dieing of brain cancer wishing to get most greeting cards and then got translated as business cards somehow. I am sure you got the e-mail (chain letter) on this. Read about this legend.