Submission – Sacrfice

I saw this graphic on Greg Laurie’s Facebook page. It talks about submission and sacrifice. It talks about a marriage of a husband and wife. Check out the graphic below and I also share the quote too.

Submission - Sacrifice Graphic (Greg Laurie)
Submission – Sacrifice Graphic (Greg Laurie)

“Submission is not about superiority or inferiority, it’s about sacrifice. The husband and wife belong to each other.”

Greg Laurie

This is so true, Today. men miss use the submission part and believe it means the wife must do this or that. Remember marriage is out of love not lust!

The man is suppose to be the spiritual leader of the family. The is to follow behind him.

When you get married, you two become one flesh. You act as one. You come each others. You are hers and she is yours. Not to be controlling over. But to love each other and make sure each other keeps a Christ Centered relationship and puts Christ first.

Christ should be first before each other! But after that the other person is to make sure the one the married needs are met before their own. You cannot be selfish in marriage. You both must give to each other. It is not 50/50, but 100/100.

In the relationship, you must make sacrifices in order to make sure the needs are meet of the other and that they are staying focused on God. Men the greatest sacrifice you can give your wife is willing to die for her just like Jesus died for the church to save the church.

I have no clue what Greg Laurie preached on to say this quote, but what I shared I felt led by the Holy Spirit to share it.

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